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Watch Agneepath  Free Online In Hd

Agneepath (English: The Path of Fire) is a 2012 Indian action drama film produced by Hiroo Yash Johar and Karan Johar under the banner of Dharma Productions. It is a retelling of the 1990 film of the same name and was directed by Johar's former assistant Karan Malhotra. The screenplay was written by Malhotra along with Ila Dutta Bedi. Johar pays tribute to his father, Yash Johar, the producer of the original, through the film.[4] The music of the film was composed by Ajay-Atul, with lyrics written by Amitabh Bhattacharya. Though publicised as a remake, the film borrows only the basic plot of the original, while making the characters and incidents completely different. The film's title was taken from a poem of the same name by Harivansh Rai Bachchan, which forms a thematic link through the film, both literally and metaphorically.[5]

Hrithik Roshan plays the lead role of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan and Sanjay Dutt plays the role of the antagonist Kancha, originally played by Amitabh Bachchan and Danny Denzongpa respectively, with Rishi Kapoor portraying the newly introduced character of Rauf Lala.[6] The supporting cast include Om Puri as Commissioner Gaitonde, Priyanka Chopra as Kaali Gawde and Zarina Wahab as Suhasini Chauhan, with Katrina Kaif featuring in an item number.[7][8][9] The film follows the struggle of a common man, Vijay Chauhan, as he seeks revenge from Kancha, for wrongly framing and murdering his father in the island village of Mandwa. In the process he befriends an underworld drug lord Rauf Lala and falls in love with a loquacious girl, Kaali Gawde.

Principal photography of Agneepath took place in Diu and Mumbai, with several accidents taking place on the sets. After several issues such as plagiarism charges and release-date postponement, Agneepath released on 26 January 2012 in 2650 screens worldwide, coinciding with the Republic Day celebrations. Made on a budget of ₹600 million (US$8.9 million), the film broke the highest opening day collections record in India and became a major critical and commercial success with a worldwide gross of ₹1.93 billion (US$29 million).[3] It has since emerged as one of the highest-grossing films of all time in Bollywood. The following year Agneepath received five nominations at the annual Filmfare Awards ceremony, and won five IIFA Awards and four Zee Cine Awards.

In the island village of Mandwa, the school teacher Dinanath Chauhan (Chetan Pandit), highly respected by the villagers, tries to dissuade them from giving away their lands on lease to Kancha (Sanjay Dutt), the son of the village head who plans to start a drug mafia. Knowing this, Kancha decides to get rid of the school teacher. He ambushes and murders a young girl inside the school, framing Chauhan for the murder. With the support of the villagers, Kancha then kills Chauhan by hanging him to death from a tree which is witnessed by young Vijay Chauhan (Arish Bhiwandiwala), the son of the teacher. Vijay Chauhan along with his pregnant mother Suhasini Chauhan (Zarina Wahab) leave the village. Destitute, they find shelter in the city of Mumbai but Vijay harbours intentions to go back to Mandwa and kill Kancha. While in Mumbai, Vijay's mother delivers a baby girl named Shiksha. Vijay is attracted to Rauf Lala (Rishi Kapoor), a local girl-trafficker and importantly an enemy of Kancha and wants to get into his company. He earns his favour and joins his gang. Meanwhile, his mother along with his baby sister leave Vijay's side as he resorts to violence.

A grown-up Vijay (Hrithik Roshan) now works for Rauf Lala and finds himself as his trusted wing-man. Once inspector and now commissioner, Gaitonde (Om Puri) acts as a silent guardian for Vijay and tries to eliminate crime in Mumbai. During the time when Rauf's influence over the drug business in Mumbai is falling, Kancha decides to grow his influence as a drug lord in the city and sends his aid, Shantaram (Ravi Jhankal) over to Mumbai for the process. Vijay with the help of the commissioner disrupts this plan and is lauded by Lala. He further gains the trust of Lala by taking a bullet shot which was aimed for Lala's son, Mazhar (Rajesh Tandon); but is later revealed as a conspiracy involving Vijay and Shantaram to eliminate Mazhar.

After murdering both Mazhar and Shantaram, Vijay brings Mazhar's corpse to Lala, who falls sick and is admitted into a hospital. In the meantime, Vijay takes over Lala's empire and stops all the crimes committed by Lala's gang. He is then contacted by Kancha and offers to go to Mandwa for a business agreement. While in Mandwa, Vijay tries to strike a deal with Kancha to hand over the drug business in Mumbai over to Kancha and in return taking Mandwa. Though Kancha initially suspects this deal, he later agrees on the condition that Gaitonde must be killed.

Meanwhile, back in Mumbai, Lala regains health and finds out the truth behind Mazhar's death. He gets hold of Shiksha (Kanika Tiwari) and tries to sell her off. Vijay is notified of this by Kancha and he flees back to Mumbai and kills Lala. Soon after, Kancha sends a man to assassinate Gaitonde. This man identifies Vijay to be the son of the teacher killed by Kancha and reports this to Kancha. However, while he tries to assassinate Gaitonde, he is killed by Vijay. Vijay, meanwhile marries his love interest Kaali Gawde (Priyanka Chopra), who is killed right after during a shooting spree by Kancha's men.

Vijay leaves for Mandwa to avenge the death of his father and his wife and after an intense battle with Kancha, kills him by hanging him from the same tree in which his father was hanged. Does Vijay die or not due to his severe injuries,is left to the user for interpretation as the movie ends with him happily closing his eyes in his mother's lap.

Hrithik Roshan as Vijay Deenanath Chauhan, a man seeking to avenge the murder of his father.
Rishi Kapoor as Rauf Lala, an underworld Don. He runs a meat business and simultaneously deals in drugs and prostitution.
Sanjay Dutt as Kancha Cheena. An unscrupulous man, often mocked for his hairless appearance; he runs Mandwa as a concentration camp and exploits the villagers in order to deal in cheap cocaine.
Om Puri as Commissioner Gaitonde. He is a brutally honest cop who develops a close bond with Vijay.
Priyanka Chopra as Kaali Gawde, a talkative girl. She loves Vijay and provides moral support in his quest for revenge.
Zarina Wahab as Suhasini Chauhan, Vijay's mother. She tries hard to dissuade Vijay against choosing a path of violence.
Chetan Pandit as Master Deenanath Chauhan, Vijay's father. A morally upright man, he is wrongly framed for the rape and murder of a young girl and is subsequently killed by Kancha.
Sachin Khedekar as Mr. Borkar. He is the Home Secretary of Maharashtra and an aide of Kancha.
Rajesh Tandon as Mazhar Lala, Rauf Lala's elder son. He is suspicious of Vijay's loyalties.
Deven Bhojani as Azhar Lala, a mentally challenged younger son of Rauf Lala.
Rajesh Vivek as Mr. Bakshi, a police inspector who doubles as Kancha's informer.
Banwarilal Taneja as Kancha's father.
Ravi Jhankal as Shantaram, Kancha's aid who conspires with Vijay.
Kanika Tiwari as Shiksha Deenanath Chauhan, Vijay's sister. She lives with her mother and is unaware of Vijay's existence.
Pankaj Tripathi as Surya.
Brijendra Kala as Muneem.
Katrina Kaif as "Chikni Chameli" (special appearance).
Madhurjeet Sarghi as Lachhi, Kaali's mother.
Arish Bhiwandiwala as the younger Vijay Chauhan.
Vraddhi Sharma as a journalist.

In an interview with The Times of India, Karan Johar explained that he harboured intentions of remaking the original Agneepath ever since the film released in 1990. Though the film had received critical acclaim over the years, its commercial failure had devastated his father, producer Yash Johar. The idea of a possible remake materialised on the sets of Johar's directorial My Name Is Khan, in which Karan Malhotra was an assistant director. Johar told Malhotra of his desire to remake the original film and asked him to revisit it again.[10] On not directing the film himself, Johar commented, "I am happy directing films on love, romance and drama. That's what I do best. I don't think I will be good at an action film. So I am not taking the reins of the film in my hand".[11] However, Johar maintained that the new film would belong to a different milieu as compared to the original. He stated, "We are adapting the film from the original but ours would be a new age version that would fit in well with today's time. We really hope that we are able to do justice to the original and make the remake exciting for today's generation."[12] In an interview with Filmfare, he added that the protagonist of the film would be "more of an underdog", while the antagonist would be "more flamboyant and menacing" than the older version.[13]

Several changes were made to the story-line of the original film, including the omission of certain characters and addition of new ones. The characters of Krishnan Iyer MA, played by Mithun Chakraborty and Nurse Mary Matthew, played by Madhavi were done away with and new characters such as Rauf Lala and Kaali Gawde were introduced in the screenplay.[14] Moreover, the characterisation of Vijay Chauhan was changed, unlike the original which was inspired by Al Pacino's role in Scarface (1983).[15] In an interview with The Calcutta Telegraph, director Karan Malhotra explained the adaptation by saying, "The similarity (between the original and this film) lies only in the fact that it is a revenge film; a son seeking revenge for his father’s death. Unlike Mr. (Amitabh) Bachchan’s film, my film starts and ends in Mandwa and is primarily about the conflict between the mother and the son. It’s a completely new film with a lot of new characters." He additionally termed Agneepath to be a "crazily dramatic masala Bollywood film".[16]


Principal cast. Clockwise: Hrithik Roshan, Rishi Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Sanjay Dutt
While media reports initially suggested that Abhishek Bachchan was being considered to portray the role of Vijay Chauhan, director Karan Malhotra approached Hrithik Roshan for the role.[17] Roshan, however was sceptical on taking up a role earlier played by Amitabh Bachchan and agreed to star in the film only after months of deliberation.[18] He said, "The script had so much passion that I felt very emotional and I made up my mind to do it".[19] On casting Hrithik, Malhotra explained, "Hrithik has the charm of a boy and the attitude of a man. Also, he has a certain vulnerability, which I was looking in my characterisation of Vijay Dinananth Chauhan." While explaining the character of Vijay Chauhan, Malhotra added, "Nobody can play Vijay the way Amitabh Bachchan did, and I would have wanted my Vijay to be subtle even if it wasn't Hrithik. I wanted the negative characters in my film to be bigger. This made Hrithik's victory seem bigger."[20] In preparation for the film, Roshan did not look up Bachchan's performance in the original for inspiration, as he considered his role to be completely different.[21] Roshan, however, faced several difficulties while filming. He suffered from a severe back injury, which caused him considerable pain, throughout the shooting schedule.[19] In an interview with Filmfare he quoted, "Agneepath is the hardest I’ve ever worked in my life. I didn’t know what the film had in store for me. I’ve never been so tired in my life. I have exhausted my body completely."[22]

Actor Rishi Kapoor was subsequently cast as Rauf Lala, an underworld Don. Kapoor, who had never played a completely negative character in his entire career, was initially hesitant to sign the film.[23] In an interview with Daily News and Analysis he stated that when Malhotra had offered him the role, he considered it to be a joke and thought that he would be the reason for the film's failure.[24] Kapoor subsequently insisted on a test look before principal photography could begin, so that he could comfortably fit into the Muslim character of Lala, who wears kohl in his eyes, a karakul cap and is dressed in traditional kurta-pajamas.[25] While shooting for the action sequences, Kapoor suffered several bad falls and bruises, but continued shooting and was thereby praised by co-star Hrithik Roshan for his professionalism.[26]

For the role of Kancha, the antagonist, Sanjay Dutt was cast.[6] According to Malhotra, the script of Agneepath demanded that the villain be more powerful than the hero, and due to Dutt's bulky frame, he was considered perfect for the role.[27] The character of Kancha demanded that Dutt go bald, but due to a prior commitment to the film Son of Sardar, which was being shot simultaneously, he could not do so for the sake of continuity. Therefore, Hollywood make up artist Robin Slater created a "bald" look for Dutt, with the use of prosthetics. However, due to the summer heat in Diu, the make-up would eventually drip down Dutt's face, which impelled him to finally shave his head.[28] Director Malhotra admitted to being inspired by Marlon Brando's bald look in the film Apocalypse Now (1979) while designing Dutt's character. Dutt explained his look by saying, "Kancha is suffering from an ailment that leaves him hairless. I shaved my head for the role, not once but twice, and the eye-brows and eye-lashes have been digitally removed."[29] Furthermore, Dutt worked out in the gym twice a day in order to bulk up for the role.[30]

During pre-production, media reports suggested that several actresses including Genelia D'Souza, Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor were being considered for the role of Kaali Gawde.[31][32] However, Chopra was approached over the others, who agreed to do the film instantly.[33] While initial reports suggested that Chopra would be playing the role of a sex worker in the film, they were later denied as rumours. In an interview with, she clarified that she was playing a prostitute's daughter.[34][35] On Chopra's character, Malhotra commented, "Despite being a male dominated film, the part played by Priyanka is very prominent. It isn't that of a simple or ordinary lover. She is there for Vijay unconditionally and without any expectations. With all the dangerous people around her, she is like this pretty flower standing there with a smile on her face."[36] In preparation for her role, Chopra wanted to visit a brothel, but Malhotra insisted that she doesn't for safety reasons.[37]

For the supporting roles, Zarina Wahab was cast as Suhasini Chauhan, Vijay's mother; a role originally played by Rohini Hattangadi. Wahab agreed to do the film, due to her close association with producer, Johar.[38] For the role of Shiksha Chauhan, newcomer Kanika Tiwri was auditioned and cast among 6500 girls.[39] In order to feature an item number in the film, producer Johar wanted to sign Kareena Kapoor, who refused the offer and Katrina Kaif was eventually contracted.[40] Filming for the song was demanding on Kaif, as she ended up with cuts and blisters on her feet, due to the long, stretched-out schedules.[41]

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In this article we write a complete information Hollywood Film Review. In this article we write a list of horror movies missions movies civil war movies based on jungle movies batman movies superman movies Warcraft  movies based on animal movies based on biography drama comedy adventure based on full action movie based on full romance movies based on adventure action and other type of movies details are provide in this article. A good collection of all fantastic movies 2016 are here

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Watch Jai Ho Free Online In Hd

Jai Ho is a 2014 Indian action drama film. It is a remake of the Telugu film Stalin (2006). Jai Ho is directed by Sohail Khan and produced by Khan alongside Sunil Lulla. The film stars Salman Khan, Tabu, Daisy Shah, Aditya Pancholi, and Danny Denzongpa. It also features cameo appearances from Sunil Shetty and Genelia D'Souza. The film is an official remake of the 2006 Telugu film Stalin directed by A. R. Murugadoss.

Jai Ho was released on January 24, 2014 on 3900 screens in India and on around 650 screens overseas,[5] It received mixed reception from critics.[6]

Jai Ho's worldwide distribution rights were sold for ₹110 crore (US$16 million as of January 2016), while its satellite rights were sold for ₹50 crore ($7.4 million). Its music rights were also sold for ₹12 crore ($1.8 million).

Jai Agnihotri (Salman Khan) is an ex-army officer whose passions include helping citizens and fighting criminals. He was a major in the Indian Army, but was suspended because he ignored orders from his superiors so that he could rescue a group of children from terrorists. After this incident, Jai moved in with his mother and sister Geeta (Tabu).

One day, Jai is unable to help a physically disabled girl, Suman (Genelia D'Souza), take an examination while her brother is stuck in a traffic block. Suman became depressed because no one came to help her, and she commits suicide. Jai is greatly disturbed by this incident. With Suman’s death fresh in his mind, Jai created a system that would encourage citizens to help each other. Each day, citizens were to help three people. These three people would in turn help three more people, and so on. Jai believed that this network would foster kindness and a sense of community among the citizens. His system, however, faced challenges.

On one occasion, for one of his daily good deeds, Jai beat a rich man who had injured a child beggar. In an act of revenge, the rich man employed some men to take Jai's sister Geeta and friend Rinky into their custody. Jai was able to save his sister and friend, but in the process he injured one of the captors. This captor happened to be the henchman of a member of the Legislative Assembly, named Patil. Patil was the son-in-law of the Home Minister Dashrat Singh.

The Home Minister was not pleased that Jai had injured one of his son-in-law’s henchmen. He attempted to avenge this injury by kidnapping Jai’s nephew. The Home Minister lost his son-in-law in the process. The Chief Minister, Ashok Pradhan, meanwhile found out about Jai's system after his own life was saved by a schoolgirl performing her good deeds for the day. The Chief Minister decided to intervene in the dispute between the Home Minister and Jai in an attempt to put an end to their fight. The Home Minister did not appreciate this intervention. He planned to kill the Chief Minister and frame Jai. Jai, however, was able to save the Chief Minister.

The Home Minister’s son, Arjun Singh, and his hired men attack Jai. Jai killed Arjun, but not before he was severely injured after getting stabbed by the Home Minister’s daughter, Kavita Singh Patil. A rickshaw driver and a former colleague, Arjun Kaul, together helped Jai get to the hospital. While Jai was at the hospital, the Home Minister spread rumors that Jai was responsible for trying to kill the Chief Minister. Once the Chief Minister recovered, he revealed that it was the Home Minister, not Jai, behind the attempted murder. A crowd beat the Home Minister after hearing the truth.

Doctors were able to save Jai. Jai had survived thanks to his own help-three-people concept. When Jai emerged from the hospital, he found thousands of people waiting for him. Jai thanked them all for making his concept a success.

Salman Khan as Major Jai Agnihotri
Tabu as Geeta Agnihotri
Daisy Shah as Rinky Shah
Danny Denzongpa as Home Minister Dashrat Singh
Haroon Kazi as Home Minister's Son
Nadira Babbar as Jai's mother
Sunil Shetty as Officer Arjun Kaul
Genelia Deshmukh as Suman
Vikas Bhalla as Rohan (Suman's brother)
Mohnish Bahl as Chief Minister Ashok Pradhan
Sana Khan as Kavita Singh
Mukul Dev as Patil
Pulkit Samrat as Sub-Inspector Abhay Rajput
Aditya Pancholi as Inspector Dilip Kadam
Sharad Kapoor as Inspector Siddiqui
Resham Tipnis as Rinky's mother
Ashmit Patel as Sumit
Yash Tonk as Babu
Mahesh Manjrekar as Rickshaw driver
Mahesh Thakur as Rehaan
Tulip Joshi as Mrs D
Nana Banana as Class Wrap
Varun Badola as Mr D'Souza
Bruna Abdullah as Anne
Sudesh Lehri as Pandit
Santosh Shukla As Maanik
Vatsal Sheth as Wanjit
Naman Jain as Kabir(Tabu's Son)

Development and promotion
In late 2012, Sohail Khan announced he planned to remake the Telugu film Stalin starring Chiranjeevi and Trisha.[7][8] Khan originally titled the remake Mental, but by the time the film was released, it had been re-titled Jai Ho.

Shooting for the film was set to begin February 27, 2013 but was postponed until late March[M1]. There were rumors that the film would be released in 3D, but Sohail Khan was cited stating, "First, let me complete my film in the normal format. Then I'll take a call".[9] Salman Khan unveiled the first Jai Ho poster on 6 December 2013. The poster consisted of images of thousands of fans digitally merged to create one portrait of Khan. Khan’s fans created this poster.[10][11][12][13]

Critical reception
India Today gave Jai Ho a 2 out of 5[M1] and commented that it was a rip off of Ek Tha Tiger with mindless action.[14] Anupama Chopra gave the movie a 2.5 out of 5 and lamented Jai Ho was more of a cartoon than a film.[15] Taran Adarsh gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 and called it a "noble, well-intentioned message narrated in an entertaining format".[16]

Jai Ho was released on around 3900 screens in India.[17] The domestic and overseas theatrical rights were sold for ₹1.1 billion ($16 million).[18] Jai Ho spent around ₹40 crore ($5.9 million) on the production of the film.[19] The film cost around ₹65 crore ($9.6 million) total with the cost of marketing and prints added, but this number still does not include Khan's remuneration.[20][21]

Jai Ho suffered losses from piracy. A Dubai-based user uploaded a pirated version of the film to YouTube on 28 January 2014. The video had 108,151 views by the time it was removed on 1 February 2014. Another version of the film was uploaded on 2 February 2014.[22] DNA Films reported that Khan had requested that ticket prices be kept at the minimum so that people could afford to see the movie because of its message.[23]

Domestic box office
The website said that Jai Ho opened well at single screens like Jodhpur, Lucknow, Indore, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and CI, with an occupancy of 80—100%, 25—30% better than Dhoom 3 and Chennai Express, and moderately well (50%) at multiplexes of Delhi, Punjab, Bangalore and Kolkata.[24][25][26] It had an opening-day collection of around ₹188.0 million (US$2.8 million) nett.[27][28] The second day collections were about ₹165 million (US$2.5 million), taking the total to ₹335 million (US$5.0 million).[29] On Sunday, the film collected ₹262.5 million (US$3.9 million) to take its weekend total to ₹606.8 million (US$9.0 million).[30] Jai Ho had a noticeable drop on Tuesday as it grossed around 7.75 crore nett taking the five-day total to a little over Rs 74 crore nett.[31] Jai Ho emerged as the fifth highest weekend of all time in terms of worldwide gross by managing to gross Rs 200 crore worldwide in three days.[32] Jai Ho dropped further on first Wednesday with collections around Rs 5.25-5.50 crore nett to take 6-day total to ₹79.50 crore (US$12 million).[33] Jai Ho had the ninth highest first week of all time as it grossed ₹81.72 crore (US$12 million) nett in its first week.[34][35] The film nett. grossed Rs 3 crore nett on its second Friday.[36] The film has collected Rs 90 crores nett in 9 days.[37] Jai Ho collected Rs 13.50 crore nett in its second weekend taking its domestic total 95 crore nett in 10 days.[38] Jai Hai has been made tax-free in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.[39][40][41][42] Jai Ho two week business was around Rs 101.50 crore nett as it crossed around Rs 21.29 crore nett in its second week.[43][44] Jai ho on its third Friday had collections set to be around Rs 50 lakhs nett,with tax exemption in Gujarat also.[45] Jai Ho grossed around Rs 2.25-2.50 crore nett in its third weekend taking the business to Rs 105.50 crore nett after seventeen days.[46] The two week distributor share of film is Rs 56 crore.[47] Jai Ho took its total to Rs 107 crore nett in after three weeks as it added around Rs 4 crore nett in third week.[48][49] Bollywoodhungama declared the total net gross of Jai Ho Rs. 116 crore, and ranked it the seventh highest-grossing movie of 2014 and Salman Khan’s seventh 100 crore movie in a row, an all-time record in the history of Indian cinema.[50]

The website, estimated Jai Ho grossed $3.55 million overseas in its first weekend. Box Office India estimated it grossed slightly less at $3.45 million and called it "decent business".[51][52] The final overseas gross for Jai Ho was $6 million making it one of the highest overseas grossing Bollywood films of 2014